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4 Ways to Childproof Your Balustrade

20 November 2023
4 Ways to Childproof Your Balustrade

For curious toddlers, stairs and their railings can be an irresistible jungle gym. But for parents, that innocent exploration can send chills down their spines. Thankfully, there are ways to create a safe environment while still enjoying the beauty of your unique staircase design.

Here are 4 effective methods to childproof your balustrade, tailored to some popular stair styles

Monobeam Staircase
These sleek, modern stairs with their single central support beam present a unique challenge. Traditional methods like balusters may not be feasible due to the lack of additional support poles.

Vertical Acrylic Panels
Install clear acrylic panels along the open side of the staircase. Choose a shatter-resistant material and ensure it reaches a height that prevents curious heads from peeking through. This solution maintains the open feel of the design while providing essential safety.

Closed Stringers
With traditional closed stringers hiding the supporting structure, you have more flexibility in childproofing options. 

Horizontal Bannisters
Install horizontal bars across the open space between the handrail and the stringer. Space them no more than 6 inches apart, ensuring a small child’s head cannot fit through. Choose a sturdy material like wood or metal and secure them firmly to both the handrail and the stringer.

Glass Panels
Similar to the monobeam solution, consider clear Glass panels. These can be custom-cut to fit the specific angle of your stairs and offer unobstructed views while preventing falls. Opt for a thick, shatter-resistant material and ensure it’s securely mounted.

Closed/Sawtooth Stringer
This hybrid design with its angled stringers adds visual interest but requires a slightly different approach to childproofing. 

Angled Glass Panels
Cut Glass panels to match the angle of the stringer and install them securely along the open side. This preserves the unique aesthetic of the staircase while creating a safe barrier.

Cantilever Staircase
These gravity-defying stairs with their seemingly unsupported treads require the most specialised approach. 

Glass Barrier
Similar to other solutions, consider custom-cut Glass panels that follow the cantilever’s curve. This will create a safe barrier without compromising the architectural marvel of your staircase.

Remember, no childproofing measure is foolproof. Always supervise young children around stairs and railings, and consult a professional if you have any doubts about the effectiveness of your chosen method.

By combining these childproofing tips with your unique staircase design, you can create a safe and stylish space for your whole family to enjoy.

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