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16 September 2022
Wide Black Picket Stair Railing Aluminium Balustrade

Being the most abundant metal on Earth, aluminium is an incredibly durable, rust-free material that is popular for usage in external balconies and can even be used for some indoor applications due to its low maintenance and durability. When comparing prices with other materials, aluminium is the most cost-effective option to add a modern touch to your property. 

There are many advantages to using aluminium for external balustrading. They are very easy to maintain and install. Additionally, the variety of styles and colours gives you flexibility when designing your home interior. 


Choosing the best material for your balustrade

Providing you with high quality, low maintenance products is our specialty. Southern Stairs offer a comprehensive range of internal and external balustrades to suit your home. Even though aluminium balustrades are not part of our range, we offer many alternatives to match your home’s existing style, including glass and timber. 

Aluminium balustrades are primarily used on balconies and decks. Although glass is also an excellent choice for external balconies, as they enhance the presence of natural light, creating a feeling of openness and airiness inside the home. Not to mention, glass elements also help to create the illusion of more space.



Stainles and Wires Ideas of Aluminium Balustrade


Aluminium Balustrade Alternatives

Aluminium balustrades are a cost-effective way to provide a modern appearance and are highly practical. They can also help you transform your external balcony to achieve a quick and simple modern aesthetic.

However, timber never seems to go out of fashion – it’s timeless and an environment-friendly choice. 

Aluminium balustrades are available in a variety of styles and colours. Timber on the other hand, is also versatile when it comes to design and colour, as it can be painted and stained to change its appearance and create a variety of beautiful designs.

If you’re looking for something more decorative while maintaining its natural aesthetic, timber is the perfect material for your balustrade.

Glass is also a great choice for balustrades. In comparison to them, aluminium is a more budget friendly option, it also provides durability and strength, making it well suited for balustrades. While both require minimal maintenance, glass balustrades are stronger and more stable than aluminium balustrades. This advantage comes from the durability and strength of the tempered laminated glass, as they are exceptionally robust.


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