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18 October 2022
Improve Your Home Style Using Timber Handrail

Choosing the right material and design is crucial when it comes to building stairs, converting your loft or attic, or redesigning your hallway. There are many designs and styles available to suit every home and budget including many different timbers and style options.

Southern Stairs have been designing, manufacturing, and supplying high quality staircases for over 40 years. We have become synonymous with consistency, quality, and durability. We pride ourselves on creating ingenious and unique design solutions that not only meets your particular needs but also suits your budget.

At Southern Stairs, we offer a comprehensive service for those looking for an innovative and unique design. Whether you’re planning to renovate or building a new home, we can help you design a staircase that reflects your own style and identity. We are committed to delivering quality design and engineering excellence while providing you with the finishes necessary to bring your home to life. The finished product can range from contemporary and innovative to elegant and conventional.

Open Risers

Open riser are very popular due to their transparency and versatility, they can be built to suit a variety of styles, especially in confined spaces or terrace houses. In addition to their minimalism and modern appearance, they also provide a unique aesthetic, creating an elegant and open atmosphere.

The most obvious advantage of an open riser is their transparency to let in more natural light than a closed riser does. Open riser stairs allow you to look through the stairs, giving an illusion of extra space. This is beneficial for keeping tight spots, such as hallways or small rooms well lit.

Closed Risers

Closed riser stairs are popular in traditional homes. Aside from their versatility, they also boast a variety of benefits. The solid risers are a practical choice as you are able to customise them in many ways and they come in a wide variety of options. You are able to easily carpet them for a quieter, softer stair. If you are looking to make use of additional space, underneath can be fully or partially enclosed, making great storage spaces for things like school bags, shoes, or the vacuum cleaner.

Closed risers prevent you from seeing what is between the steps or underneath them. It is common for them to have a whole timber riser in between each tread to indicate the space between each step is closed, improving the stability of each step, reducing the risk of slipping and falling. This is ideal for a family with young children since the solid portions between the steps prevent accidents.

We are able to provide you multiple options and solutions when it comes to closed risers. Whether it’s a study nook, additional shelving, or a wine cellar, we are able to customise to fit your needs.

Closed riser stairs

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