Closed/Sawtooth Stringers With Closed Risers Treads and Bullnose (Maple).

Materials Specification

  1. Stringers: Pine
  2. Treads: Maple
  3. Risers: Maple (Bottom) and Pine
  4. Bullnose (Bottom Tread): Maple
  5. Balustrade Left: Metal MB1/MB14 Balusters
  6. Balustrade Rear: Metal MB1/MB5 Balusters
  7. Balustrade Right: Maple B1 Balusters
  8. Handrail Left: American Oak H7
  9. Handrail Rear and Right: Maple H5/H3
  10. Post Left: Panelled Pine Post With T2 Cap
  11. Post Right: Pine N1