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Types of Balustrades

16 September 2022
Aluminium Balustrade

Southern Stairs offer a selection of quality balustrades

The balustrade is a form of fencing that is typically used on staircases and balconies. As well as providing an element of safety, they can also enhance the overall beauty of your property.

When adding balustrades to your home, it is important to choose the right materials that can complement your interior design. We at Southern Stairs offer a selection of quality balustrades, and there are obviously pros and cons to each.


GlassGlass balustrades are perfect for making a space look more spacious. As a result of their minimum obstruction and minimalist look, glass has become increasingly popular as a material choice for balustrading.

They can also increase safety as children cannot climb on them. In addition to being clear or semi-transparent, it can also be frosted or tinted, depending on the aesthetic of your home. They can also be semi-frameless or fully frameless, but come at a higher cost.


TimberTimber is one of the most popular types of balustrades due to its ability to bring a sense of warmth and a natural feel to your home. Compared to other materials, timber has a soft texture and is warm to touch.

Timber balustrades can even add an element of nature inside your homes. Timber is also flexible in designs and colours due to its variety of wood. You have the option to choose from oak, pine, and others that match your preferred design.

The only downside of choosing timber for your balustrade is that being a natural material means it has the ability to degrade over time.



For a cost effective option, aluminium balustrades are a great option. Because they are made of high-quality materials and won’t rust due to their corrosion resistance, you can use them both indoors and outdoors.

In addition to providing extra protection for aluminium balustrades, powder coating also improves their appearance and creates a beautiful shine. They are easy to clean and low maintenance as well.

Pros of using aluminium for balustrades is their durability as well as the fact that they require little maintenance. Their biggest con is that they only offer a limited number of style options.

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